Richard Alvarez is an entrepreneur, formerly worked in Real Estate and Venture investments handling multi-million dollar deals for a Fortune 500 Mortgage Firm.  Richard began his business career in Construction, and by the age of 23 he had already owned numerous investment properties, and was a partner in a large Private Investment Company managing client’s financial portfolios.  Richard’s ability to manage client portfolios while orchestrating profitable business deals, he also created Crown Entertainment, La Corona Tacos, Nationwide Investments and Freedom Financial.

Richard constantly welcomes new challenges and jumped at the opportunity to be part of one of the most successful solar companies in the industry. Using his extensive list of past contacts and connections, combining his passion for helping families along with his in depth knowledge of business and finances, Richard became the key player in creating Freedom Energy and Freedom Financial.
Richard’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership.  His expertise is overseeing and guiding the careers of sales reps, providing them with strategic career planning, sales training, sound financial advice, and an extensive database of contacts.

Richard Alvarez, is dedicated to building Freedom Energy into one of the most successful solar companies in the industry.  The personal attention given to each client will help him create a career plan that will cater to their financial and solar needs.

In addition to Richard Alvarez successful businesses, he is also a devoted husband and father of four. He attends all of his son’s football games, and makes sure to be heavily involved in his daughter’s lives, providing them with the “positive” role model that he continues to be.  Despite all of his accomplishments, Richard doesn’t take anything for granted, often reminding himself of just how much hard work and determination are needed to get ahead.