Mr. Morris has enjoyed a long career in the Digital Media space since he graduated from college with a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Mr. Morris considers himself an entrepreneur with a thirst for start-ups. Many consider Mr. Morris to be digital strategist pioneer. In 1996, he was one of the founding partners in, what is considered, the very first online ad-delivery network, Real Media, Inc. The predecessor to 24/7 Real Media. Mr. Morris helped build the company from a seven-man team to over 600 employees within a 3 year period. He also helped coined phrases and descriptions in the field that are used today. Mr. Morris helped create several departments within the company, including; Technical Support, Training, and Account Management. The training techniques that Mr. Morris created are still utilized to this day. Mr. Morris was instrumental in creating a $680 million dollar global marketing services company during his tenure there until 2001. When Mr. Morris left Real Media, he started his own consulting firm helping such companies as; Playboy,, to increase their ad operations to the point of effectively quadrupling their profits.

Mr. Morris joined United Online (FTD, Netzero, Classmates) in 2005 to oversee the migration of their entire ad operations from a proprietary, in-house solution to Open AdStream (Real Media). Mr. Morris effectively trimmed down operations and increased ad profitability for the company. In 2008, Mr. Morris co-founded and was COO of a boutique ad-operations/marketing company, Commercial Road Media. The company’s focus was to provide comprehensive ad operation services to clients; DECA, VidShadow, EgoTV, CitySpur, SMOSH, and many more. Through effective management techniques, Mr. Morris was able to greatly increase ad-revenue for all his clients without having to increase staff size. In 2011, Mr. Morris accepted the position of COO with WOWIO, INC. (WWIO). Mr. Morris oversaw all operational aspects of the company and was instrumental in bringing the company to the OTC Market in 2014. Mr. Morris helped develop technical concepts for the company’s proprietary patent along with APP developments and produced several webisodes for the company’s PopGalaxy YouTube channel.

Currently, Mr. Morris is the Chief Marketing Officer for Envision TV and Cinema Buzz. He is responsible for marketing, advertising revenue and customer acquisition. Born in the East End of London, but reared in Los Angeles, CA, Mr. Morris is a resident of Beverly Hills, CA with his wife and son.