Les Brown

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Greatness by Les Brown.  Filmed at Greg Reid's SECRET KNOCK

Quotes from Les Brown...

Set a goal that is beyond your comfort zone. Be in a perpetual state of discomfort.

You have greatness within you.

Negative things get a high profile.

More teens are behaving more responsibly today than in the past. Many don’t believe it.

Les showcases the good things young people do.

Les describes an 11 and 13 year old who are entrepreneurs.

Les’ granddaughter gave him a quote. “Amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic. Get out of your head and into your greatness.”

Whatever you focus on the longest becomes the strongest.

Here is the most important point:

Whatever you focus on the longest becomes the strongest.

Here is why this is important. The dominant thought that holds sway in your thinking grows, expands, and attracts similar thoughts.

Thoughts are magnetic. They build a thought array that expands and supports the original thought.

This is why your mind will find evidence for any premise you give it. Moreover, your mind will find corollaries and parallels that reinforce your premise.

For example, if you think you’re going to be a big success, your mind will find related thoughts and experiences that support this premise. Unfortunately, the same is true if you think you’re going to be a failure.

In this sense, your mind of success carries out the instructions with which you furnish it. Whether you focus on success or failure, your mind will faithfully and readily bring related thoughts and related experiences to your attention.

As a result, any thought or promise upon which you focus grows in intensity and strength. The magnetic power of thought will make this happen without your having to do anything about it.

Why? Anything upon which you focus grows.

Therefore, focus on that which is good, positive, and success-generating. These thoughts and related ones will grow in your mind and this will be your experience.

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