Allyn Reid


Allyn Reid created Sherpa Press because of her undying love for great books and inspirational stories. Some people say that they “started from nothing,” but when she says that, she really means it. When Allyn's family moved to the United States from the Philippines, it was basically like starting from scratch.  7 family members sharing a small studio apartment in Los Angeles just to get by.

Getting thrown into New York City life lent Allyn a ton of invaluable life experience, a can-do attitude and a competitive work ethic. As a kid in those circumstances, though, it was NOT easy. And what got her through it, believe it or not, was reading. Books inspired Allyn to change her thinking, to go after my dreams, to create my own destiny. Allyn would eat up everything from Nobel Prize winners to self help bestsellers and every title made her more knowledgeable, confident, and self-assured that she could build the life and business she wanted for myself.

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