Erik Swanson

1 Habit™  - Erik "MR AWESOME" Swanson - Professional Coaching, Keynote Speaking, Habits Coaching, Performance Strategist, Best-Selling Author, and CEO

About Erik "MR AWESOME" Swanson...

Mr. Swanson has been a Success Coach & International Trainer for the past 16 years consulting corporations and associations and keynote seminars throughout the United States and beyond.

As a National Best-Selling Author, Erik is also the Founder and CEO of Secret Habitudes International. where he takes you through a journey of a 50 week long training system to enhance your habits and attitudes. After the first year, you are welcome to become a Certified Habitude Warrior Trainer and conduct your own workshops, seminars and training in your own city with your clients. To find out more about this email us the request at: [email protected]

Universal Seminars offers sales and motivational training workshops, in person as well as online training with such speakers as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Dr. Denis Waitley, Bob Burg, Erik Swanson, Greg Scott Reid, Frank Shankwitz, James Malinchak, Ron White, Les Brown, Dr. Ivan Misner, Loral Langemeier, Doug Grady, Scott Sorrell, Ruben Gonzalez, ... among many others!

About 1 Habit™...

Created by Steven Samblis, 1 Habit™ is a video series of lite bites of inspiration built around the idea that "Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going."

With that in mind we ask the question... "If you could instantly instill in a child one habit, what would it be and why?"

The Why...

Successful people have habits. Things they do consistently every day of their lives. In this series we will meet the World's highest achievers and ask them... "If you can pick just one habit to instantly instill in a child, what would it be?"

The series will be seen on the Imagination TV network, in and out-of-home. Shortly after, we will publish 1 Habit™ a book built around the answers we have received.

The hope is, we will learn from people that came before us. We will learn what works and what is possible. In the process, we hope people will share their 1 Habit™ and find a new one to instill in themselves.

A building is built one brick at a time. Is it possible that greatness is built 1 Habit™ at a time?

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