Beyond The Knock – Tim Levy

Beyond the Knock gives you unprecedented access to Secret Knock. Filmed March 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2015 in San Diego, California, Secret Knock is an exclusive gathering of the most powerful and influential leaders of our generation. This private "invite only" gathering is the ultimate forum for only high achievers and has never been seen before on television

Ranked 2nd on the "5 'Can't Miss' Conferences For Entrepreneurs In 2015" by Forbes, December 30th 2014, the event began in the living room of its founder, Greg Reid. The previously, private, bi-annual event is built around forward-thinking presentations from high-profile presenters who have achieved incredible business outcomes and spearheaded wide-scale social change. Forbes Article

In the article Forbes reported, "Greg Reid is the Barnum & Bailey of the Human Potential Movement," says Berny Dohrmann, Founder of CEO Space. "Secret Knock is the most fun you will have while growing yourself and your business."

The key ingredient of Secret Knock is a TED-style presentations from individuals who are pioneers of change and life lesson experts, and advocates of collaboration.

Imagination TV will film the entire three days as well as sit down one-on-one with many of the attendees for an intimate glimpse into some of the most successful people on the planet.

In this video segment best selling author, speaker and coach Tim Levy took the stage and delivered in his own style incredible insight into what makes companies and people successful and deliver with consistency at the top of their game each and every day.

About the Speaker

Tim Levy - (from his website)

People often ask me, ‘How did you come to be doing all these books and CDs and DVDs and TV shows? What path led you to your CEO and entrepreneurial coaching and coaching work?’ Well, let’s go back to the beginning.” This page is all about Tim Levy, right from the start.

A Brief History

I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1972. I had a wonderful childhood in Sydney’s north shore, attending Barker College, then the University of New South Wales. I pretty much lived inside the Apple computer my awesome parents bought me at the age of 9, and then studied computer science for my Bachelor of Computer Science. I was drawn to technology as the most creative tool around. Even then I was interested in writing books, recording albums, making film and television. At the same time I had an amazing executive education through my father and his social circle. He was, to my memory, always a managing director, CEO or manager of CEOs. He eventually ran the Australia arm of what is now Vistage International, arranging for me to begin speaking there at the tender age of 17.

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